Dan Beiser

Dan Beiser has betrayed the voters time and time again, backing Mike Madigan for Speaker seven times, and in exchange Madigan’s funneled Beiser over $700,000 this cycle alone. Beiser was Madigan’s sidekick in supporting Rod Blagojevich’s pension scheme that added up to $22 billion in new debt to the pension system. More recently, Beiser backed Madigan’s $8 billion unfunded budget that aimed to force a massive tax hike on Illinois families without reforms. Perhaps worst of all, Beiser voted to make sure he gets paid a taxpayer-funded salary even if a budget isn’t passed.

Besier has shown that he can’t be trusted to stand up to Boss Madigan.

Sam Yingling

Mike Madigan’s funneled over $1.6 million to Sam Yingling’s campaigns, and in return, Yingling has voted three times to make Mike Madigan the Speaker of the House. Yingling sided with Madigan to hold school funding hostage in an effort to bail out Chicago schools. He also voted for the broken Madigan budget that would have increased state debt by $8 billion and forced a massive tax hike without reforms on hard-working families.

Yingling had every chance to put Illinois families first and vote against Madigan for Speaker, but he chose his political patron over the people.

Katie Stuart

Mike Madigan spent nearly $1 million this year helping elect Katie Stuart, and in exchange, Stuart voted to make Madigan the longest serving Speaker in US history. Already, Stuart backed Madigan’s plan to take $10 million from Metro East schools to help bail out Chicago Public Schools.

Katie Stuart faced her first real test when she was given the chance to oppose Madigan for Speaker. Katie failed miserably. She let us down, and that means we must vote Katie Stuart out.