Andy Manar

Andy Manar has always aspired to be a career politician like Mike Madigan. Since Manar was 21 years old, he’s held public office, worked government jobs, and received political paychecks from Chicago politicians, often all at the same time. Andy Manar has done pretty well for himself – he’s personally made hundreds of thousands of dollars off Illinois taxpayers.

Andy Manar has held several top positions working for Chicago politicians. For years, Manar served as the Senate Democrats’ Director of Policy and Budget, pushing unbalanced budgets, pension holidays, and higher debt. Later, Manar also served as Senate President John Cullerton’s Chief-of-Staff. During his time with Cullerton, Manar was one of the chief architects of Mike Madigan’s 67% income tax hike in 2011, whipping votes and pressuring lawmakers to crush taxpayers.

Andy Manar was already doing Mike Madigan’s bidding even before he entered the General Assembly. After the 2010 census, Manar was the mastermind behind the redistricting of legislative maps, increasing Mike Madigan’s stranglehold over state government.

Just this month, Andy Manar betrayed the students in his district by voting to bail out Chicago Public Schools with $215 million in taxpayer money. Before the election, Manar voted against the bailout, but now he’s sold out to Mike Madigan. Andy Manar proved that he cares more about Madigan’s Chicago agenda than the families in his own district.

Mike Madigan admires Andy Manar so much that Madigan has showered Manar with over $450,000 in campaign cash for all of the damage he’s done. It’s time for Andy Manar to stand up to Mike Madigan and start working for Illinois taxpayers.