Natalie Manley

Natalie Manley is a classic Madigan politician who says one thing in her district, but votes for Madigan’s agenda in Springfield, voting him as Speaker twice. Manley and Madigan worked together to pass the most unbalanced budget in Illinois history, a budget that would have forced a massive tax hike on Illinois families. She also supported Madigan’s plan to hold funding for local schools hostage in order to bail out Chicago Public Schools. Even as Manley and Madigan force a budget crisis in Springfield, they work to protect themselves. Manley voted to make sure she gets paid in the case of a government shutdown. It’s no surprise Manley is so close to Madigan – she’s accepted over half a million dollars in his special interest money. It’s time for Manley to finally show some independence from Madigan.

Anna Moeller

Anna Moeller has only been in the House for a few short years, but in that time she’s become one of Madigan’s staunchest supporters. Moeller has taken over $100,000 from Mike Madigan, and as expected she’s been a consistent yes vote for his tax-and-spend Chicago agenda. Moeller voted to bail out Chicago schools as part of Madigan’s $8 billion unbalanced budget. She also voted to make sure she gets paid ahead of social services and education if the government shuts down. For her steadfast support of Madigan, the Chicago Sun-Times called Moeller a Madigan “enabler.” Moeller can change this by refusing to support Madigan for Speaker another time.

J.B. Pritzker

Halloween is a time for scary stories, and J.B. Pritzker’s shady past makes for a pretty spooky tale.

The Chicago Tribune recently revealed secret FBI wiretaps in which Pritzker begs convicted former Governor Rod Blagojevich to appoint him state treasurer. They discuss campaign contributions during that conversation.


“Ooh, interesting,” Blagojevich said after Pritzker brought up the idea of being appointed. “Let’s think about that. You interested in that?”


“Yeah, that’s the one I would want,” Pritzker responded.


Pritzker can be heard making more promises to Blagojevich throughout the tapes, saying “I just offer myself and my service to you.”


And just weeks before the tapes were released, Pritzker was under fire for using his insider status, wealth, and connections with the Cook County Assessor to slash his property tax burden. He’s received over $230,000 in refunds and tax breaks by claiming that his Gold Coast $3.7 million mansion is “uninhabitable”.

That’s right, Pritzker bought a luxury mansion and removed the toilets to get huge tax breaks, taking money from Chicago Public Schools and other services, and forcing higher property taxes on the rest of us.


And while Pritzker refuses to pay his fair share of taxes, he’s on record supporting a massive income tax hike on all Illinoisans. He also opposes a property tax freeze.


Pritzker is Madigan’s handpicked candidate for Governor, just another Madigan puppet that Illinois can’t afford.


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Carol Sente

Carol Sente is a consistent vote for political boss Mike Madigan’s disastrous tax-and-spend agenda. Mike Madigan has channeled $1.5 million to Carol Sente over the years, and in exchange Sente has supported Madigan four times for Speaker. She backed Madigan’s plan to nearly double the income tax on many Illinois families. Worst of all, Sente voted to make sure she gets paid if the government shuts down, ahead of social service organizations and higher education. Carol Sente is just another loyal lieutenant of Mike Madigan.

Michelle Mussman

Michelle Mussman is one of Madigan’s most loyal legislators, having supported him for Speaker four times. Madigan called on Mussman to vote for the most unbalanced budget in Illinois history, and Mussman obliged, supporting a budget that would have required a $1,000 tax on Illinois families to balance. Mussman even voted to make sure she gets paid before schools and social services. It’s no wonder Michelle Mussman has backed Mike Madigan’s agenda and consistently supported him for Speaker, since he has funneled close to a million dollars into her accounts. Mussman is bought and paid for by Madigan.

Laura Fine

Laura Fine has been a staunch Madigan ally in the House, supporting Madigan for Speaker at every opportunity. This should not come as a surprise, since Madigan has directed hundreds of thousands in special interest cash to Fine’s campaigns. Instead of standing up for fiscal sanity in Springfield, Fine helped Madigan ram through a budget that was $8 billion out of balance. She even voted to ensure that she is paid ahead of critical social services and schools. Fine has backed Madigan’s agenda for too long and she has refused to demonstrate any semblance of independence from her Boss.

Fred Crespo

Fred Crespo’s taken nearly $1 million in political funds from Mike Madigan and voted 6 times to make Madigan the Speaker of the House. While Madigan and Crespo look out for each other, they’ve also teamed on a phony budget that would have increased state debt by $8 billion or forced a massive tax hike on Illinois families. Worst of all, Crespo voted to make sure he gets paid even while he refuses to pass a balanced budget.

Deb Conroy

Mike Madigan funneled over $1.2 million into Deb Conroy’s campaign accounts, and she voted to make him Speaker every time she had the opportunity. That’s not all. Madigan and Conroy both voted to make sure they get paid even without a state budget.

It’s no wonder Madigan and Conroy are refusing to pass a balanced budget alongside good government reforms. They already made sure they get paid even if schools and social services suffer. Deb Conroy empowers Boss Madigan at our expense.

Jay Hoffman

Jay Hoffman is one of Mike Madigan’s most loyal followers. Hoffman has voted a whopping 12 times to make Mike Madigan the Speaker. He voted in favor of Madigan’s 67% income tax hike with no reforms. He voted for the Madigan-Blagojevich pension scheme that increased debt by up to $22 billion. He voted with Madigan to make sure politicians get paid before schools and social service providers. Last, but not least, Hoffman voted for Madigan’s $8 billion out-of-balance budget.

Jay Hoffman is the poster-child for what happens when politicians follow Mike Madigan’s commands. That’s why the only way to get rid of Mike Madigan is to get rid of politicians like Jay Hoffman.

Elaine Nekritz

Elaine Nekritz has voted 8 times to make Mike Madigan the Speaker of the House. In return, she was selected by Madigan to serve on his leadership team. Only the most loyal legislators are named one of Madigan’s top lieutenants, and taxpayers have paid a steep price for Nekritz’s loyalty.

Nekritz voted for Mike Madigan’s reform-free, 67% income tax hike, the largest in state history. She joined Madigan in teaming with Rod Blagojevich on a pension scheme that increased debt by up to $22 billion. And Nekritz even voted for legislation that makes sure she gets paid even if there is no state budget. Now, legislators are using the Nekritz-backed legislation to sue so they get paid before social services receive their funding.

It’s time for Elaine Nekritz to break with Mike Madigan.