J.B. Pritzker

J.B. Pritzker – Mike Madigan’s Scandal Plagued Candidate

J.B. Pritzker is running for Governor as Mike Madigan’s handpicked candidate. Madigan is working behind the scenes to anoint the billionaire heir to the Hyatt fortune because Madigan knows that Pritzker is a fellow insider who will support his tax-hiking Chicago agenda.

But like his fellow Chicago insiders, Pritzker is guilty of working the system to benefit himself at our expense.

The Chicago Tribune recently revealed secret FBI wiretaps in which Pritzker begs convicted former Governor Rod Blagojevich to appoint him state treasurer. They discuss campaign contributions during that conversation.

“Ooh, interesting,” Blagojevich said after Pritzker brought up the idea of being appointed. “Let’s think about that. You interested in that?”

“Yeah, that’s the one I would want,” Pritzker responded.

Pritzker can be heard making more promises to Blagojevich throughout the tapes, saying “I just offer myself and my service to you.”

And just weeks before the tapes were released, Pritzker was under fire for using his insider status, wealth, and connections with the Cook County Assessor to slash his property tax burden. He’s received over $230,000 in refunds and tax breaks by claiming that his Gold Coast $3.7 million mansion is “uninhabitable”.

That’s right, Pritzker bought a luxury mansion and removed the toilets to get huge tax breaks, taking money from Chicago Public Schools and other services, and forcing higher property taxes on the rest of us.

And while Pritzker refuses to pay his fair share of taxes, he’s on record supporting a massive income tax hike on all Illinoisans. He also opposes a property tax freeze.

It’s hypocrisy at its worst.

J.B. Pritzker is just another Madigan politician who works the system. We can’t afford him as Governor.

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