Mike Madigan

Mike Madigan has presided over Illinois’ demise. Madigan was first elected to the legislature in 1971. Over nearly five decades, Madigan has pushed destructive policies that caused massive job losses, record income tax hikes, the highest property taxes in the country and the worst state pension crisis in America.

Mike Madigan first became Speaker of the Illinois House in 1983 and Madigan’s doubled as chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party for most of the last two decades. Madigan controls all legislation considered by the Illinois House and controls the campaign money spent by his state party. Madigan’s the undisputed boss of the Chicago political machine.

Despite leading Illinois into the abyss, Mike Madigan wants to double down on the same failed policies of the past. Madigan refuses to pass the critical reforms Illinois needs and only wants to force another massive tax hike on hard-working Illinois families. Madigan is saying no to job-creating economic reforms, no to a real property tax freeze, no to pension reform and no to term limits.