Daniel Biss

Daniel Biss—a Madigan Accomplice—announced his run for Governor to help drive the Madigan Machine.

Financial records reveal that Biss has taken over $260,000 in tainted Madigan money. In exchange, Biss supported Madigan for Speaker. As a state representative, Biss voted for every enacted Madigan budget, adding billions in debt.

Biss even supported Madigan’s $7 billion out-of-whack budget proposal in the Senate last year. That spending proposal was the most unbalanced in Illinois history.

Biss is so loyal to Madigan that he was tapped to run Madigan’s political front group – LIFT.

We can’t afford a Mike Madigan accomplice in the Governor’s office.

Susana Mendoza

Susana Mendoza is bought and paid for by Boss Madigan, and now as Comptroller Mendoza is taking orders from her political patron, pledging to help him and Lisa Madigan shut down the government if allowed by the courts.

Career politician Susana Mendoza quickly became a Madigan ally in the House, voting for every unbalanced Madigan budget that became law, adding billions in debt while shortchanging Illinois schools. She even voted for the highest income tax hike in Illinois history, voted to raise her own pay, and then doubled dipped by taking two government pensions.

In exchange, Mendoza endorsed Madigan for Speaker six times, calling Madigan her “mentor”. In one speech lauding Madigan’s reign, Mendoza nominated him for Speaker and called him a “man who time and time again has demonstrated his passion and love for this state,” and proclaimed that “someday, our children will learn of his contributions.”

Knowing she was a loyal ally, Madigan provided Mendoza with money and support for her political career.  When Mendoza wanted to run for higher office, Madigan cleared the Democratic field for her and funded her campaign for Comptroller.

To date Madigan has funneled millions to Mendoza. Now, she’s working with the Madigan family to shut down state government and cause a crisis to force even higher taxes.

Chris Kennedy

A Mike Madigan First Politician

Chris Kennedy’s already proved he will be loyal to Mike Madigan. Before announcing his campaign, Kennedy secretly met with Madigan to get his blessing to run for governor. Then, Kennedy bankrolled a $10 million Madigan-aligned political front group and gave thousands more to Madigan’s hand-picked candidates for the legislature.

Chris Kennedy is committed to the Madigan Agenda and tried to give Madigan even more power. The last thing Illinois needs is a Madigan lap dog in the governor’s office.

Illinois needs an independent reformer, but Chris Kennedy is just another Mike Madigan-first politician.

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Lisa Madigan

No one’s benefited more from Mike Madigan’s political machine than Lisa Madigan. Mike helped jumpstart Lisa’s political career when she was just 32 years old and got elevated to the state senate. Just four years later, he helped make her Attorney General. She’s now been the state’s top prosecutor for more than a dozen years.

While corruption ran wild through Illinois, Lisa Madigan did little. Even as patronage scandals circled the Speaker’s office, Lisa could find no wrongdoing. Still, Lisa was held to be above politics.

Until now.

After months and months of waiting, Lisa suddenly and without warning filed a court motion to block state employees from getting paid.

Her action could force a major crisis of state government and hurt thousands of Illinois families. With a government shutdown, the lives and livelihoods of those who rely on and provide vital government services would be in danger. Not surprisingly, this is the exact type of crisis Mike Madigan wants.

It’s now clear: Lisa Madigan is working for the Speaker, not the people.

Dan Beiser

Dan Beiser has betrayed the voters time and time again, backing Mike Madigan for Speaker seven times, and in exchange Madigan’s funneled Beiser over $700,000 this cycle alone. Beiser was Madigan’s sidekick in supporting Rod Blagojevich’s pension scheme that added up to $22 billion in new debt to the pension system. More recently, Beiser backed Madigan’s $8 billion unfunded budget that aimed to force a massive tax hike on Illinois families without reforms. Perhaps worst of all, Beiser voted to make sure he gets paid a taxpayer-funded salary even if a budget isn’t passed.

Besier has shown that he can’t be trusted to stand up to Boss Madigan.

Sam Yingling

Mike Madigan’s funneled over $1.6 million to Sam Yingling’s campaigns, and in return, Yingling has voted three times to make Mike Madigan the Speaker of the House. Yingling sided with Madigan to hold school funding hostage in an effort to bail out Chicago schools. He also voted for the broken Madigan budget that would have increased state debt by $8 billion and forced a massive tax hike without reforms on hard-working families.

Yingling had every chance to put Illinois families first and vote against Madigan for Speaker, but he chose his political patron over the people.

Katie Stuart

Mike Madigan spent nearly $1 million this year helping elect Katie Stuart, and in exchange, Stuart voted to make Madigan the longest serving Speaker in US history. Already, Stuart backed Madigan’s plan to take $10 million from Metro East schools to help bail out Chicago Public Schools.

Katie Stuart faced her first real test when she was given the chance to oppose Madigan for Speaker. Katie failed miserably. She let us down, and that means we must vote Katie Stuart out.

Bill Haine

Career politician Bill Haine might be a Senator, but he’s been in Mike Madigan’s back pocket for years, taking over $212,000 in Madigan money. First appointed in 2002, Haine has been around to vote on a decade and a half of Madigan policies, and he supports them every chance he gets. Haine supported the Madigan and Blagojevich plan to borrow $10 billion against the pension system and voted to skip pension payments, calling it a “pension holiday.” While Haine and Madigan shortchanged state workers, they sent the bill to middle class families, together raising the income tax by 67%. It’s time for Haine to stop backing Madigan’s Chicago-agenda by encouraging his colleagues to oppose him as Speaker of the Illinois House.

Mike Halpin

Mike Halpin has been embroiled in Mike Madigan-related controversy since before he even took the oath of office. The Dispatch-Argus caught Madigan “meddling” in Halpin’s primary race, apparently directing $75,000 to Halpin to ensure he became the Democratic nominee. Halpin unbelievably claimed that he “can’t speak to who Madigan supports or doesn’t support.” Then, Madigan funneled $345,000 to help Halpin in the general election. If it looked as if Mike Halpin was just another bought-and-paid-for Madigan politician, you were right. Halpin voted for Madigan without pause, even defending it in a TV interview, saying he and Madigan shared the same “values.” Mike Halpin can’t be trusted.

Andy Manar

Andy Manar has always aspired to be a career politician like Mike Madigan. Since Manar was 21 years old, he’s held public office, worked government jobs, and received political paychecks from Chicago politicians, often all at the same time. Andy Manar has done pretty well for himself – he’s personally made hundreds of thousands of dollars off Illinois taxpayers.

Andy Manar has held several top positions working for Chicago politicians. For years, Manar served as the Senate Democrats’ Director of Policy and Budget, pushing unbalanced budgets, pension holidays, and higher debt. Later, Manar also served as Senate President John Cullerton’s Chief-of-Staff. During his time with Cullerton, Manar was one of the chief architects of Mike Madigan’s 67% income tax hike in 2011, whipping votes and pressuring lawmakers to crush taxpayers.

Andy Manar was already doing Mike Madigan’s bidding even before he entered the General Assembly. After the 2010 census, Manar was the mastermind behind the redistricting of legislative maps, increasing Mike Madigan’s stranglehold over state government.

Just this month, Andy Manar betrayed the students in his district by voting to bail out Chicago Public Schools with $215 million in taxpayer money. Before the election, Manar voted against the bailout, but now he’s sold out to Mike Madigan. Andy Manar proved that he cares more about Madigan’s Chicago agenda than the families in his own district.

Mike Madigan admires Andy Manar so much that Madigan has showered Manar with over $450,000 in campaign cash for all of the damage he’s done. It’s time for Andy Manar to stand up to Mike Madigan and start working for Illinois taxpayers.

Natalie Manley

Natalie Manley is a classic Madigan politician who says one thing in her district, but votes for Madigan’s agenda in Springfield, voting him as Speaker twice. Manley and Madigan worked together to pass the most unbalanced budget in Illinois history, a budget that would have forced a massive tax hike on Illinois families. She also supported Madigan’s plan to hold funding for local schools hostage in order to bail out Chicago Public Schools. Even as Manley and Madigan force a budget crisis in Springfield, they work to protect themselves. Manley voted to make sure she gets paid in the case of a government shutdown. It’s no surprise Manley is so close to Madigan – she’s accepted over half a million dollars in his special interest money. It’s time for Manley to finally show some independence from Madigan.

Anna Moeller

Anna Moeller has only been in the House for a few short years, but in that time she’s become one of Madigan’s staunchest supporters. Moeller has taken over $100,000 from Mike Madigan, and as expected she’s been a consistent yes vote for his tax-and-spend Chicago agenda. Moeller voted to bail out Chicago schools as part of Madigan’s $8 billion unbalanced budget. She also voted to make sure she gets paid ahead of social services and education if the government shuts down. For her steadfast support of Madigan, the Chicago Sun-Times called Moeller a Madigan “enabler.” Moeller can change this by refusing to support Madigan for Speaker another time.

J.B. Pritzker

Halloween is a time for scary stories, and J.B. Pritzker’s shady past makes for a pretty spooky tale.

The Chicago Tribune recently revealed secret FBI wiretaps in which Pritzker begs convicted former Governor Rod Blagojevich to appoint him state treasurer. They discuss campaign contributions during that conversation.


“Ooh, interesting,” Blagojevich said after Pritzker brought up the idea of being appointed. “Let’s think about that. You interested in that?”


“Yeah, that’s the one I would want,” Pritzker responded.


Pritzker can be heard making more promises to Blagojevich throughout the tapes, saying “I just offer myself and my service to you.”


And just weeks before the tapes were released, Pritzker was under fire for using his insider status, wealth, and connections with the Cook County Assessor to slash his property tax burden. He’s received over $230,000 in refunds and tax breaks by claiming that his Gold Coast $3.7 million mansion is “uninhabitable”.

That’s right, Pritzker bought a luxury mansion and removed the toilets to get huge tax breaks, taking money from Chicago Public Schools and other services, and forcing higher property taxes on the rest of us.


And while Pritzker refuses to pay his fair share of taxes, he’s on record supporting a massive income tax hike on all Illinoisans. He also opposes a property tax freeze.


Pritzker is Madigan’s handpicked candidate for Governor, just another Madigan puppet that Illinois can’t afford.


Help us stop this ‘Nightmare on Astor Street’ before Pritzker and Madigan take Illinois down a truly scary path


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Carol Sente

Carol Sente is a consistent vote for political boss Mike Madigan’s disastrous tax-and-spend agenda. Mike Madigan has channeled $1.5 million to Carol Sente over the years, and in exchange Sente has supported Madigan four times for Speaker. She backed Madigan’s plan to nearly double the income tax on many Illinois families. Worst of all, Sente voted to make sure she gets paid if the government shuts down, ahead of social service organizations and higher education. Carol Sente is just another loyal lieutenant of Mike Madigan.

Michelle Mussman

Michelle Mussman is one of Madigan’s most loyal legislators, having supported him for Speaker four times. Madigan called on Mussman to vote for the most unbalanced budget in Illinois history, and Mussman obliged, supporting a budget that would have required a $1,000 tax on Illinois families to balance. Mussman even voted to make sure she gets paid before schools and social services. It’s no wonder Michelle Mussman has backed Mike Madigan’s agenda and consistently supported him for Speaker, since he has funneled close to a million dollars into her accounts. Mussman is bought and paid for by Madigan.

Laura Fine

Laura Fine has been a staunch Madigan ally in the House, supporting Madigan for Speaker at every opportunity. This should not come as a surprise, since Madigan has directed hundreds of thousands in special interest cash to Fine’s campaigns. Instead of standing up for fiscal sanity in Springfield, Fine helped Madigan ram through a budget that was $8 billion out of balance. She even voted to ensure that she is paid ahead of critical social services and schools. Fine has backed Madigan’s agenda for too long and she has refused to demonstrate any semblance of independence from her Boss.

Fred Crespo

Fred Crespo’s taken nearly $1 million in political funds from Mike Madigan and voted 6 times to make Madigan the Speaker of the House. While Madigan and Crespo look out for each other, they’ve also teamed on a phony budget that would have increased state debt by $8 billion or forced a massive tax hike on Illinois families. Worst of all, Crespo voted to make sure he gets paid even while he refuses to pass a balanced budget.

Deb Conroy

Mike Madigan funneled over $1.2 million into Deb Conroy’s campaign accounts, and she voted to make him Speaker every time she had the opportunity. That’s not all. Madigan and Conroy both voted to make sure they get paid even without a state budget.

It’s no wonder Madigan and Conroy are refusing to pass a balanced budget alongside good government reforms. They already made sure they get paid even if schools and social services suffer. Deb Conroy empowers Boss Madigan at our expense.

Jay Hoffman

Jay Hoffman is one of Mike Madigan’s most loyal followers. Hoffman has voted a whopping 12 times to make Mike Madigan the Speaker. He voted in favor of Madigan’s 67% income tax hike with no reforms. He voted for the Madigan-Blagojevich pension scheme that increased debt by up to $22 billion. He voted with Madigan to make sure politicians get paid before schools and social service providers. Last, but not least, Hoffman voted for Madigan’s $8 billion out-of-balance budget.

Jay Hoffman is the poster-child for what happens when politicians follow Mike Madigan’s commands. That’s why the only way to get rid of Mike Madigan is to get rid of politicians like Jay Hoffman.

Elaine Nekritz

Elaine Nekritz has voted 8 times to make Mike Madigan the Speaker of the House. In return, she was selected by Madigan to serve on his leadership team. Only the most loyal legislators are named one of Madigan’s top lieutenants, and taxpayers have paid a steep price for Nekritz’s loyalty.

Nekritz voted for Mike Madigan’s reform-free, 67% income tax hike, the largest in state history. She joined Madigan in teaming with Rod Blagojevich on a pension scheme that increased debt by up to $22 billion. And Nekritz even voted for legislation that makes sure she gets paid even if there is no state budget. Now, legislators are using the Nekritz-backed legislation to sue so they get paid before social services receive their funding.

It’s time for Elaine Nekritz to break with Mike Madigan.

Sue Scherer

Sue Scherer’s campaigns have pocketed more than $850,000 from Mike Madigan. So, it’s no surprise Scherer voted repeatedly to make Madigan the Speaker. Scherer also supported Madigan’s broken budget that would increase state debt by $8 billion or force a $1,000 tax hike with no reforms on Illinois families. She also helped enable the current lawsuit to put lawmaker pay ahead of funding for schools and social services for veterans and the needy.

Sue Scherer has shown her cards – she’s just a Mike Madigan enabler who can be bought with his campaign cash.

Marty Moylan

Mike Madigan has helped funnel nearly $1 million into Marty Moylan’s campaigns, and Moylan’s returned the favor by twice supporting Madigan as Speaker. Moylan joined Madigan in trying to hold local schools hostage to force a bailout for Chicago, and he voted for Madigan’s broken budget that would have required a massive tax hike without reforms. Moylan also voted to make sure he gets paid even if the government shuts down.

It’s time for Marty Moylan to put the people ahead of his political patron. It’s time for him to vote against Mike Madigan as Speaker.

Tom Cullerton

Just this month, Tom Cullerton betrayed the students in his district by voting to bail out Chicago Public Schools with $215 million in taxpayer money. Before his most recent election, Cullerton voted against the bailout, but he now sold out to Mike Madigan. Tom Cullerton proved that he cares more about Madigan’s Chicago agenda than the families in his own district.

Stephanie Kifowit

Stephanie Kifowit likes to say she acts independent of Mike Madigan, but the truth is she’s taken over half a million dollars from him and voted three times to make him Speaker. She supported Madigan’s plan to double the income tax on many families without any reforms while making sure she gets paid no matter what.

Politicians like Stephanie Kifowit who talk about reform, but consistently vote for the people who embody the status quo, are everything wrong with Illinois government.

Brandon Phelps

Brandon Phelps has taken over $200,000 from Mike Madigan’s political machine and has voted to make Madigan the Speaker eight times. Phelps voted for Madigan’s plan to hold funding for his school district hostage to try to bail out Chicago Public Schools. Phelps also voted for Madigan’s $8 billion unbalanced budget that would force at least $1,000 tax hike on middle-class families. Phelps even voted for the Madigan-Blagojevich pension scheme that increased pension debt by up to $22 billion.

Brandon Phelps has repeatedly sold us out to Mike Madigan. We can send a strong message to Madigan by voting out Phelps when he’s up for re-election.

Jerry Costello

Mike Madigan’s given Jerry Costello nearly $200,000, so it’s no surprise that Costello has supported Mike Madigan as Illinois Speaker three times. Like the rest of Madigan’s members, Costello followed orders and held his own school districts hostage to bail out Chicago. And Costello tried to force a $1,000 tax hike on families in his district by voting for Madigan’s phony budget that was nearly $8 billion in the hole.

Jerry Costello has shown that all he’s willing to do is back the broken status quo.

Mike Madigan

Mike Madigan has presided over Illinois’ demise. Madigan was first elected to the legislature in 1971. Over nearly five decades, Madigan has pushed destructive policies that caused massive job losses, record income tax hikes, the highest property taxes in the country and the worst state pension crisis in America.

Mike Madigan first became Speaker of the Illinois House in 1983 and Madigan’s doubled as chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party for most of the last two decades. Madigan controls all legislation considered by the Illinois House and controls the campaign money spent by his state party. Madigan’s the undisputed boss of the Chicago political machine.

Despite leading Illinois into the abyss, Mike Madigan wants to double down on the same failed policies of the past. Madigan refuses to pass the critical reforms Illinois needs and only wants to force another massive tax hike on hard-working Illinois families. Madigan is saying no to job-creating economic reforms, no to a real property tax freeze, no to pension reform and no to term limits.